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Assiniboine Yankton Nakota/Pima-Maricopa native, #AIM One of the leaders for the NEXIT movement, proud Indigenous Conservative American.

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The Native Conservative is more than just an idea, it’s more than just words put together to sound catchy, it’s a way of life. The real warriors of our ancestors did not beg for hand outs, nor did they ask anyone to do what they could already do for themselves and others, the way things were, just were. That way of life has been crippled by socialist constructs that which plague my people to this day. Alcoholism, drug abuse, sky high suicides, children being adopted out of their families, it’s all part of the “kill the Indian save the man” agenda. This isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about freeing the minds of the First Nations in America. Together we have a chance to help shape the futures of young natives across the nation! We don’t care about feelings, because as the great Ben Shapiro would say, “facts don’t care about feelings”, we need to follow what can help us build one another, not tear each other down. Focus less on the labels and more for what we collectively can accomplish.


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The New Colonialism: Only Natives Can Save America Now

If you traveled back in time to see a real Native American village, regardless of the tribal nation it happened to be part of, what do you think you would see? What would it be like? Well, for starters, you would immediately notice a distinct pattern in both the...

“Responsibility” = Captivity

The United States is truly unique among the nations of the world. It is not a union of different countries, like the European Union, nor is it a single country with one absolute law for every citizen in it; rather, it is more like a country of countries, a nation of...

Businesss As Usual: What Native Americans Can Expect From a Biden Presidency

In a startling (but not altogether unexpected) turn of events for conservatives the nation-over, it appears we all may have to call Joe Biden our next president. Granted, most of us will likely make a point of not resorting to the same childish antics that liberals...

“No You Can’t”!: Why Standing Rock Shouldn’t Stand in Your Way

One can always tell when a Democrat is near. There is a palpable aura of peace, prosperity and justice perceived readily and veritably by anyone in the area. Where a Democrat is, there is success. But you don’t need us to tell you that, all around you can see liberals...


“Intersectionality” is a word many conservative commentators and pundits throw around nowadays to describe an underlying anti-American tactic used by chiefly by the left. What is intersectionality, you might ask? While few, if any actual liberals use the word, it...

A Savage Will Always Be A Savage: A Necessary Critique of Candace Owens

The name Candace Owens continues to be familiar among nearly every conservative that values open dialogue of political and racial issues that goes beyond the condescending group-think favored by mainstream media and academia. She is renowned for her strong rhetoric...

Wounded Knees Out of Scraped Elbows: Leftist Political Bias in Native News Sources

There are many news outlets which cater to the minds of Indigenous American peoples: Native News Online, Indian Country Today, The Lakota Times, the list goes on. They share many things in common with other news organizations like CNN, MSNBC, and others worldwide,...

De-terminate Yourself: Blood Quantums and Other Dregs of Oppression

Identity is one of the most basic of human needs. It grants us clarity of purpose, connects us with our past, and shapes our future. Identity is especially important to Native Americans, whose legacy on this continent spans thousands of years, and has never ceased to...

Lateral Violence: What it is and why it is important to know

What is lateral violence and why is it important to know? The history Historical trauma is the collective experience of trauma that our Native ancestors experienced during time of colonization and assimilation. Intergenerational trauma comes from historical trauma but...

Naturalize Yourself! Mending the Cultural Rift Between Natives and Non-Natives

If you’re Native, you may know a lot about your own culture. Or at least what it means to be “Indian”. Your understanding of the term probably depends on your location, circle of friends, etcetera, since its perception is quite indefinite, seeing as how its really a...