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Assiniboine Yankton Nakota/Pima-Maricopa native, #AIM One of the leaders for the NEXIT movement, proud Indigenous Conservative American.

Podcast Coming Soon

I’ve been making videos for sometime! Due to the pandemic and what has happened I’ve been setback on my own funding towards my podcast station, if you’re interested in donating please by all means do so! I just want to get the proper things to build my own podcast station to be the voice for native conservatives! We don’t have a voice for the indigenous conservatives and it’s time to change that! By helping donate it can also help us change the world! Let’s build!

The Movement

The Native Conservative is more than just an idea, it’s more than just words put together to sound catchy, it’s a way of life. The real warriors of our ancestors did not beg for hand outs, nor did they ask anyone to do what they could already do for themselves and others, the way things were, just were. That way of life has been crippled by socialist constructs that which plague my people to this day. Alcoholism, drug abuse, sky high suicides, children being adopted out of their families, it’s all part of the “kill the Indian save the man” agenda. This isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about freeing the minds of the First Nations in America. Together we have a chance to help shape the futures of young natives across the nation! We don’t care about feelings, because as the great Ben Shapiro would say, “facts don’t care about feelings”, we need to follow what can help us build one another, not tear each other down. Focus less on the labels and more for what we collectively can accomplish.


More Ways to Help 

If you’re interested in contributing to the cause, I have my PayPal, Venmo, and cashapp you can donate to. Right now those funds are going to the building of the podcast station, so that I can provide a voice to America from a Native Conservative perspective. Anything is much appreciated and we are forever grateful to any contributions. Mainstream media doesn’t care to show the world we still exist, let’s show them that we do! Creator be with you!

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