By: Dark Rabbit

“Intersectionality” is a word many conservative commentators and pundits throw around nowadays to describe an underlying anti-American tactic used by chiefly by the left. What is intersectionality, you might ask?
While few, if any actual liberals use the word, it describes a very real, genuinely toxic (as opposed to the faux “toxic” thrown around by many leftists, which we’ll discuss in minute) mindset which pollutes the way people see themselves and others.
Intersectionality refers to an ideology that many leftist politicians depend on for votes in which anything that originated within what they refer to as a  “white male-dominated society” must be inherently against any and all who do not fit the description of “white male”, and especially if said white males are also heterosexual Christians.
To be certain, the America we all now know began with “straight, white male Christians”, and quite a bit of what these people did wasn’t the best, but then, neither were the actions of many people, for but people we all are. Furthermore, times have changed significantly, and if you were to seriously ask virtually any straight, white Christian male these days about anything, you’d find his views—even if they don’t match yours—are still very open to things his forefathers probably were not.
To the topic at hand, according to this leftist way of thinking, there is basically a hierarchy of resulting “privilege”, divided by race, gender, sexual orientation, and even mental state. At the top, you of course have white, straight, Christian males. Just below them are the white males who differ in either religion or sexual orientation, but are still naturally loaded with privilege. Under them are white women of all kinds, though, again, the ones who differ in desire or belief naturally net themselves slightly less privilege (generally speaking, the more exotic the belief or sexual orientation, the “better”, i.e., less privilege). Under them are men and women of all other races and religions, the stratification of which (as in, which ones are more oppressed) is an endeavor fraught with social justice peril, and judged only by those daring enough to face the ire of the group which disputes their judgment.
Sometimes, at the very bottom of the list, at the height of all oppression, is the Native American. Sometimes.
Why not all the time? After all, can it not be objectively proven that no one if not the first inhabitants of this continent have had it the worst? They were subject of invasions which cost them their land and often cultures. Every other group that these leftists claim are marginalized are nowhere near as marginalized as the Native Americans, so much that even the great pyramid of oppression often seems to leave them out (now that’s marginalization!).
Again, why?
It seems like if the people who talk about “privilege” would want to help the people at the very bottom, with what must be absolutely no privilege, so why don’t they?
The simple explanation is they simply don’t’ really care. The people who push these ideas nowadays are the Democrats, who have a very dubious history with those they consider “minorities” to begin with, granted most have been taken in by the lie of the “new” Democrats, the supposedly “liberal” ones who tout “equality” for all, which is what the party has been steadily painting itself as since the late sixties and nineties. Today, its practically common knowledge that the “progressive” and “tolerant” party is the Democratic one. For more info on this, see our article “Why Do Natives Vote Democrat”
It could also have something to do with the fact that Democrats, ultimately, are not in line with what Native Americans truly want: more freedom, less federal government (a total absence may be preferable for more than a few), and so on. Here on the Native Conservative, we constantly talk about how the Democratic platform is the least aligned with Native ideals, and about how their big government paradise just doesn’t fit with indigenous American philosophy.
But the difference goes deeper…
There are plenty of reasons why the left and Native Americans should not (logically) get along that don’t even involve governmental approach, but rather, philosophy.
See, the leftists, and by extension, the Democrats, live in an imaginary world where the evil white male Christians are the source of all the evil on earth–even in places where there are little or no white male straight male Christians–despite their leaders consisting mainly of white straight males who (generally for the sake of image) affiliate to some extent with Christianity, though admittedly they constantly search for people who don’t quite fit that bill to become their mascots (as per usual, the less white, straight, male and Christian, the better); thus the party of tolerance is surprisingly focused on race-based politics (just as it always was).
As long as this scapegoat, this imaginary enemy of long ago is well-fed in the minds of others, the Democrats and their leftist foot soldiers wield almost limitless influence over the minds of “minorities”, and continue to control them as a voting block from now until…someone or something stops them.
Which brings us to the other reason why Dems seldom, if ever, mention their most oppressed of constituents.
As long as Democrats continue to conveniently label people, placing them into neat and convenient categories, as long as there is an “other” they can blame for other people’s problems (certainly not theirs, since they’re too righteous), they will be able to control the “other people “ indefinitely.
And of all the other people, Native Americans claim the greatest other-ness.
But this thinking of theirs entails an allegiance to the things they push, the philosophies and notions of “progress” as they define it. Are Native Americans really onboard with the things the Democrats support?
Why don’t we take a good hard look at just what it is liberals expect Native Americans to support (if only silently) by lumping them in with everything they say is opposed to “white male America”?


The government is your friend. There is too much frailty within the small, local governments to place any real faith in them. Big government, that is, a centralized federal government, must always direct the others or otherwise there can’t be any real peace or prosperity.


They’ve had it with the government. They’ve seen firsthand what it can do. After all, the American government took their lands, their children, their cultures. Forced them to either assimilate, or otherwise stay the hell away from the American way of life. There are many Native Americans today who are nonetheless proud of being both Native and “American,” but they understandably feel like they can never have a comfortable relationship with the United States government.


Guns are bad. They cause or lead to violence. The only thing to do is to regulate guns to the point where they are so hard to obtain (at least for the law abiding) that they might as well be outlawed outright, and that the only people who should be allowed guns are—of course—government officials. Once upon a time, they said local law enforcement should be allowed to have guns as well, but nowadays they are taking measures to handicap officers, if not outlaw them, too.


Self-defense and the ability to do so are of utmost importance. The indigenous people of the United States  belong to cultures of a warrior ethic, which has never been done away with, no matter how hard the government tried to take it from them…such as through taking their guns. Yes, Native Americans already lived through an era of “gun control”, and once was enough.


Gender is fluid and ultimately a “social construct”, with no real basis in objective fact, being purely cultural. If a person wishes to identify sexually as a woman when they are not, or as a man when they are not, or even as something they clearly are not as a species, they should not only be allowed to do so, but be supported and applauded for it. Feminism as it exists today is also very much needed, since there is no difference between what a man can do and what a woman can, and any kind of thought to the contrary is “toxic” and “sexist”.


Gender is something sacred and given at birth, it is definite and cannot be changed. It is something to be embraced, with all the differences between the genders, for it is the differences and interactions between men and women in all their uniqueness that makes life beautiful. Men are hunters and warriors, women are compassionate and keepers of home and family. This stands in sharp contrast to everything the left is currently pushing about gender. Also, the notions of “gender-fluidity” and other manner of non-traditional gender expression today are completely foreign to Native Americans, and had they been around during the days of their first interactions with Europeans, they would have been seen as grave illnesses.
In addition, as much as liberals today rail about “appropriation”, there has actually been a grave appropriation/misunderstanding on the left about certain Native cultures who have a belief about “two-spirit” people. In these cultures, someone with two spirits was a person who (first and foremost) was not considered their own biological gender for the purposes of RITUAL and tribal function, and this was almost always because they were homosexual, NOT because they believed they were  a man trapped inside a woman’s body or some other such, as some “gender queer” people now claim in the name of the concept.


Abortion should not only be fully legal, but normalized to a point where everyone is comfortable with it. They believe that abortion is a woman’s right, and extol women who get abortions as strong and powerful, setting up abortion as a great feminine accomplishment.


Women are sacred for their ability to create life. Bringing children into the world, not making sure they don’t come into it is what Native Americans consider feminine. For a woman to want to abort her child, to kill it instead of  bear it and eventually raise and love it, is not only a perversion of traditional Native values, but absolutely grotesque. And yet again, Native Americans have a less than comfortable history with abortion, as in the sixties and early seventies, the IHC (Indian Health Service) developed a practice of involuntarily sterilizing Native women. Abortions, also, were offered emphatically whenever possible. Fitting, since Planned Parenthood and its practices can be traced back to Margaret Sanger, who advocated for the eugenic control of non-white peoples in America.


Family and other “traditional values” are optional and should be treated with skepticism at best and utter disdain at worst. You should come out from whatever group you’re in (particularly if you’re white) and…well…assimilate…with the greater “enlightened population. They are also openly hostile to anything originating within the Abrahamic faiths which played and continue to play a big role in the lives of people in this country.


Traditions and the teachings of parents and grandparents are the glue that bind people together. Turning away from these things is to forget where a person came from entirely. Family is everything, and always has been. There is tremendous wisdom in old ways, and even if they are not followed in their most original forms (as always happens the longer a people exist) they should not just be discarded. While Christianity did indeed play a role in the oppression of Native ancestors, it also does not change the act that, today, there are many devout Christian Native Americans. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, for instance, was named a “Christian nation” by the principal chief, and faith in God is a major part of their identity, as it is for many other tribes; most Native Americans, especially since the pan-Indigenous movement, revere some form of “Creator”, or Supreme Being. Whether they are Christian or not, a good many Natives who believe or practice their traditional ways often have no qualms about calling this being things like “God” or even “the Good Lord” in addition to other names they might have for it. Native Americans are very particular about not telling other people what to think or believe, and not letting their own prejudices come between that in such ways.


Some people are born with an inherent “privilege” (as mentioned earlier), and should be made to atone for the sins of their ancestors, or perhaps just for the simple fact that their skin tone, financial status or circumstances of their upbringing make it to where they have more than others around them, and that’s not right (unless you happen to be a high-ranking liberal politician of course), by constantly reminding themselves of this privilege and, some say, even forcing them to give up large portions of their earnings or belongings for the sake of the allegedly afflicted peoples.


Everyone is responsible for their own destiny. If a person is part of a tribe, community, or other similar social structure, they should work to help the people within it, but not because of any sense of “injustice” associated with them or themselves. This is a major theme in Native American ethos, that a person should help someone not on account of any kind of arbitrary sense of justice or injustice, but because they need it. Native Americans are committed to supporting their communities and loved ones, and have, of course, never been ones to tell anyone how to live.  When a tribe wronged another in ancient times, then wars were fought. Grudges might have been kept, but even when they were not, neither party insisted the other owed the other anything, or was obligated to atone in some way. When things were settled, they were settled, and there was no clinging sense of entitlement because of some dark history.

With all of this in mind, are Native Americans really “liberals” in the modern sense? No. And that is because Native Americans are naturally conservative. To be Native American is to support conservative ideologies. Through all of the programming liberals push, however, they expect them to tacitly support all of these things in their quest to globalize the world, to fully realize a world where there is no uniqueness, no individuality, no creativity, no freedom. A world where people are to depend only on a select few at the very top of a singular and regimented society, where little or no trace of culture, familial ties or even morality are present.
Its been said by the Native Conservative, Joseph Cody, that the only thing worse to liberals than black or Hispanic conservatives are Native conservatives. And he’s right. Native Americans alone have the power to unite all Americans, for in their spirit is the spirit of America itself. And that spirit is not a leftist one.
Please share this and other articles from this site with your friends, family, tribal members and anyone who will listen, and one day we will see an America that is truly free of any kind of physical or spiritual oppression.
Mitakuye Oyasin.

–Dark Rabbit

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