“No You Can’t”!: Why Standing Rock Shouldn’t Stand in Your Way

By: Dark Rabbit

One can always tell when a Democrat is near. There is a palpable aura of peace, prosperity and justice perceived readily and veritably by anyone in the area. Where a Democrat is, there is success.
But you don’t need us to tell you that, all around you can see liberals and liberal media outlets (basically all of them, except Fox, and that’s just controlled opposition anyway) declaring the good news of the current goings on. Sure, it might look like the place is burning down, and maybe you heard a thing or two about some people getting stabbed, but there’s CNN to tell you that the whole thing is just a “’fiery’ but ‘mostly peaceful’ protest”, that’s all!
For a while, liberals all over the country have been educating the public about how to protest peacefully while being ‘fiery’ at the same time, and this usually involves actual fire.
While places like Seattle may be the freshest in the public catalogue of liberalism’s peaceful accomplishments, its important to remember that this has been going on for at least four years now, and its only fitting to recall that one of the very first instances of serene liberal activism was spear headed by perhaps the most prominent Democrat of our time: Barack Hussein Obama.
The mainstream media typically only ever thinks of the first peoples of the American continent for two reasons: they need extras in a western film, or as use for a sympathy tactic.
But not former President Barack Obama.  No sir. When the Trump administration rolled back his prohibition of the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, it wasn’t spite or manipulation that led him to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who, by and large, viciously opposed the pipeline, and continue to do so, saying “You are making your voices heard”.
And indeed, those voices were heard! Well, they didn’t really get heard quite that much, seeing as how several out-of-state- and non-native groups were bussed in to scream much louder, but then that just means they got more help!
And it most certainly was not any kind of tactic when fighting broke out between all the protesters (Standing Rock Sioux included) and the police, and Obama told the media that he would “like to let it play out for several more weeks”.
Not at all.

The only reason Obama got involved at all was to do what the Democratic party does best when it comes to Native Americans: hinder and control them with every move. That and add to the image the Dems were and still are pushing of president Trump as a dangerous dictator; in this case, oppressing poor, helpless Indians by building a pipeline through their lands. The more chaos the better.
But what exactly is the deal with the pipeline? Why are so many Native Americans convinced that it threatens tribal rights and sovereignty?
Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.
Native opposition to the pipeline is based on one misunderstanding and false rumor after another. Here are some of the best known objections…


This is patently false. Ninety nine percent of the pipeline is actually installed on privately owned land, not connected to Native American lands or reservations at all. There is only one point at which the pipeline crosses into public domain, and that is beneath Lake Oahe, which is owned by the federal government, just like good old Indian reservations.


The DAPL actually outshines all expectations for its output. It has been verified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers after over a year of study that the pipeline poses no environmental threats. It is said to be one of the most technologically advanced pipelines to date, and is very safe. Unfortunately, pipes in general have a long history of being associated with pollution, and when your sovereignty is limited to what the government allows you to do, you tend to seize on any opportunity to slam whatever it is they’re currently letting you slam.
In addition, the water supply for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is approximately seventy five miles away from the pipeline.


The pipeline does NOT go through sacred ground of any kind. During its construction, the utmost care was taken to ensure that any cultural sites which happen to be outside federally recognized Native land were unmolested. As we’ve said before, the pipeline does not even cross over into Native territory (we can’t stress that one enough).


Since it didn’t take place on any Indigenous territory (other than anywhere in the whole USA, of course, but we believe in getting over that) , it’s not as if the tribes needed to be informed. Nevertheless, they were. Several times. The U.S. Army corps of engineers reached out to dozens of tribes throughout the region in the process of making sure there would be no damage to cultural sites, including the Standing Rock tribe, who consistently turned down their efforts to speak with them each time.
These are the facts.
The reason so many natives believe the pipeline is a bad thing likely has to do with business as usual. Liberal business as usual. As testified to in numerous instances in other articles on our site, most Native Americans are under the impression that liberals and Democrats are their friends, though nothing could be further from the truth.
Once upon a time, Republicans were all about assimilating Native Americans, whereas Democrats were all about segregating them. In their day, assimilation was considered the progressive thing to do, since, in the ignorance of the time, anyone considered outside Western culture was seen as less-than or perhaps even “savage”, and that approach treated Natives like they were humans. Democrats, on the other hand, were all about racial purity and the notion that someone should do as whatever the popular notion of their skin tone said they should do (an approach mirrored in their current politics).
Today, as evidenced by the accomplishments of the likes of Calvin Coolidge, Richard Nixon, and our own Donald J. Trump–who has created so many new Native sovereignty upholding laws as well as being the only president to create a murdered and missing Indigenous Women’s taskforce—its clear that Republicans have gone from “progressive for their time”, to full-blown true progressive. Meanwhile, Democrats are still fixated on race and causing “minorities” to be dependent on them.
That’s why Obama and the Democrats were so mad about the pipeline. The fact is, the pipeline is good for everyone. It will greatly increase revenue in the oil industry, and therefore…well, help Native Americans.
You see, when state enterprises decide to (with the Tribe’s permission) do things like develop oil on Native lands, the tribes receive a generous cut of the profits. In North Dakota, the MHA (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation) have negotiated one such lucrative deal which stands to suffer should the pipeline not reach completion.
Naturally, any Democrat would see fit to split hairs over an endeavor that might encourage a bit of peaceful and productive cooperation between tribal and state governments which benefits the tribal economy, as it in no way encourages or promotes dependency on them.
Even so, so many Natives, and of course non-Natives eager to be “allies”, both equally inspired by leftist race-baiting culture, continue to oppose this ultimately fruitful undertaking because of liberal programming. With the way things are now, the sovereignty and peoplehood of Native Americans as tribal entities is completely reliant upon the federal government, which is what the Democrats live to strengthen. Because of this, most Natives are eager to jump on any kind of display of “sovereignty” they can scavenge from their government overlords, even if those displays have nothing to do with sovereignty at all.
Case in point: the DAPL. Naturally, the Standing Rock as well as other tribes in the area feel a kinship and spiritual connection with the lands on which their forefathers and mothers strode long before the USA was even an idea. Since so much has been taken from them historically speaking, and so many government leaders (whether through ignorance, apathy, or something more sinister) are unwilling to look at ways to rectify past mistakes and make Native Americans feel both Native AND American at the same time, the subtle but palpable rage felt by Native Americans can come to a boil over anything they believe will strengthen their image as a people, all while not surrendering the very government chains which they paradoxically believe is the source of what little freedom s they have as a people.
Democrats know this, and use it to their aims whenever possible.
Philosophically speaking, Republicans are unlike Democrats in practically every way. Republicans are for smaller government and less federal regulations. That alone should clue in Natives as to who their modern friends are most likely to be, even if they are unaware of the accomplishments of the many aforementioned Republicans—our current president included—in regards to their sovereignty and existence as peoples.
The DAPL is not your enemy. The Republican Party and conservatives are not your enemy. Just the opposite.The Democrats and government shills can’t make you kill yourselves. But they will as long as you keep asking them to.

–Dark Rabbit

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  1. Robin Adair

    Oh yes the DemonRats are such “friends”. Take Old Hickory Jackson their progenitor and the infamous “trail of tears” and then of course there was the liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the Sherrill v. Oneida Opinion upholding the racist Doctrine of Discovery.


    May she burn in hell with Janet Reno who if anybody remembers incinerated close to 80 members of the Branch Davidians.

    • God's goats

      And Trump nominated Gorsuch, who has a long history of siding with tribal rights.

    • red

      And then there’s the Tarahumara. 9,000 starved to death in a planned family provided by Monsanto and soros. Where were all these dems then?

  2. Stephanie Brown

    Oil operators make from $40 K to $139 K a year

    Required Qualifications

    High school diploma, general education (GED)
    Valid driver’s license
    An acceptable pre-employment background and drug test.

    Gee I wonder what looking after that Pipeline would do with the Reservation’s Economy?

  3. Thomas Doyle

    You cannot believe a word out of a democrats mouth. They are all commies trying to destroy America, and that includes Indians.

    • red

      Nazis. Nazis are communists, yes, but they’ve tried to hide what they are by bashing nazis for generations and to kick that rock off them is to expose what they are. That terrifies them.

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