The New Colonialism: Only Natives Can Save America Now

By: Dark Rabbit

If you traveled back in time to see a real Native American village, regardless of the tribal nation it happened to be part of, what do you think you would see? What would it be like?
Well, for starters, you would immediately notice a distinct pattern in both the division of labor and the sexes: the men would likely either be out hunting or within the camp training with weapons and or playing sports, while the women would be tending to any kills the men brought back—preparing meat or making clothes or other valuable materials from the hides—as well as any farming and tending to or gathering of wild plants which needed to be done. You might also notice members of other tribes within the village exchanging skins, things they made, or even small little shells or rocks in exchange for other things, with each person agreeing to keep to the deals they make and respect one another’s private property (the weapon training mentioned earlier being for in case someone didn’t feel so cooperative) all while not refusing to help one another simply because they were not part of the same tribe or belief. At the end of the day, perhaps you’d witness one or more of the village elders speaking to a group or groups of people around a fire, telling stories handed down to them from their own grandmothers and fathers before them. When they are done, the people graciously thank them for imparting their wisdom to them as well. And what is this wisdom? To honor one’s parents and grandparents, to walk in their footsteps, to be honorable and courageous, to respect the earth and never take from it more than you need, to respect its delicate and sacred balances of male and female, light and dark, hard and soft, peace and war.
The Europeans who settled and invaded the lands of these people, those who would later be responsible for the birth of the United States, were not so different in their approach to life in those days, with a few exceptions (notably the status of women, and nature being anything more than a tool). Nevertheless, it was these exceptions which allowed them to characterize the first Americans as “savages”. Thus began a long and tired trend of regarding the American Indian as little more than an animal, or at best, a different kind of human that needed the special guidance and attention of the enlightened white man.
Fast forward about four hundred years later…not much has changed.
Oh sure, on the surface its not exactly en vogue to be cruel or closed minded to the indigenous, or any “minority” (you’re only as minor as you let yourself be) for that matter, but what is the white status quo saying nowadays, really? We have but to listen with discerning and clear minds at the kind of talk that goes around on a daily basis to find our answer, and its actually quite ironic…
Ask any sociologist or just anyone with enough common sense who or what the biggest influence on the collective soul of a nation is, and they will tell you that it is its media: the things it hears, sees, and is encouraged to hear, see, do and even think through the sources available. Humanity has come a long way from small groups of storytelling elders around campfires; today, hundreds of different thoughts and even groups are represented within the mass media which caters to all in this nation of nations that America has become, not to mention the world: news organizations, TV shows, movies, and of course, the internet.
America is still a majority white country, and so pretty much every one of these outlets is run by white people, and yet what they say now couldn’t be further from what they used to say about themselves…
Or could it?
Now is the age of “white guilt”, of “critical race theory”; a time where all problems faced by any group of people other than the descendants of the straight white men of yester-centuries can be chalked up to, well, the descendants of the straight white men of yester-centuries. Where the faults of European American ancestry aren’t only on full display for everyone to see, but, surprisingly, even celebrated in a twisted sort of “I admit it, now consider me good instead ”sort of way.
Yes, gone are the days of white superiority, where the white man was the chosen one of God, sent here to this continent to bring civilization to the savages, where he permits his benevolent lordship to the unfortunate and lesser dusky races in exchange for their unquestioning servitude, or absence…
Or are they?
A closer look at this new age of “white man bad” (distinct from but very similar to “orange man bad”) reveals a subtle, almost imperceptible undercurrent of new (and true) white supremacist thought…
So elusive is it that, before we can even hope to glimpse it, we must first unravel the fundamentals of the philosophy itself, at least on the surface:
The world of the media, and therefore, the popular mindset, is the province of liberals and Democrats, and in the world of liberals and Democrats, there exists a hierarchy of oppressed individuals; these individuals are oppressed and disadvantaged no matter what, regardless of their personality, background, or even economic standing, generally based on their ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, and yes, even skin color.
As such, the individuals with the most “oppression points”, as it were, are entitled to the most attention from the (mostly white) compassionate liberals and Democrats. Condescending enough, but we’ve only scratched the surface of this reasoning.
Just who are these people who are so entitled to this generous attention, and what exactly is it that the left is aggressively promoting?
Like any human system, let alone ones that are unspoken, there is room for debate as to how accurate what follows is, but we think its a pretty accurate representation of the current ultra liberal mindset regarding race, sex, etc. and we think few liberals who attempt any level of objectivity whatsoever (a rare occurrence indeed) would disagree:

The “Oppression Hierarchy”

12. Straight White Men [The very bottom of the ladder, the putative rulers of everything in the West, and given this high (or low) status, better off dead.]

11. Straight White Women [Historically “oppressed” by their male counterparts, but still having white skin, and so slightly better than them]

10. Straight Asian Men [Defined as East Asians, or Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese , etc. and not Indians (as in India) or Persians, who might also be described as “Asian”, these men, despite having a penis, did not found this country, experienced some level of racial discrimination historically, and therefore get the coveted “minority” status; still, they are stereotyped as being rich and successful, so any oppressed status they can claim is generally not worth much.]

9. Asian Women [Like Asian males, except their absence of a penis tends to make all the difference, especially when coupled with the notion that popular culture may regard them as sex objects, because being “exotic”, desirable, and especially unique is anathema to the Left’s narrative of sameness while they seemingly promote “diversity”.]

8. LGBTQ+ White Men [Biological white males with a divergent sexuality or a mindset which causes them to identify as a gender—or entity– other than their anatomical one; with same sex attraction having been viewed as deviancy in the white West for the majority of its history, this earns them big oppression points, and places them squarely above straight white women in the chain of entitlement. Still, they are both white, and biological males, so they have a distinct advantage over–and are therefore lower—then the next obvious category…]

7. LGBTQ+ White Women [The same kind of people as described before, with homosexual attractions or states of mind in which they believe themselves to be something than what their physical bodies suggest, except they are (“anatomically speaking”, of course) white women; being female, this grants them an added edge in any oppression game, but that pesky pale skin tone nonetheless prevents them from ascending any higher on the scale.

6. LGBTQ+ Asian Men [Being neither white nor “cis-gendered”, the Asian man of odd sexual persuasion shoots right up on the chart, but not ahead of…]

5. LGBTQ+ Asian Women [Yes, that vagina serves them well once more in the race to see who’s more oppressed, as the Asian lady with a thing for women, men and women, no women, dogs, frogs, fictional characters and what have you is right above the Asian man in all her non-binary glory. But all the East Asian DNA in the world can’t prevail against…]

4. Straight Black and Non-White Hispanic Men [The true cream of the crop, those who are the inheritors of the oppression of slavery, of the injustices of segregation and prejudice, those who are even now (as the narrative goes) condemned to live out their days in “ghettos”, resorting to criminal behavior the evil white man taught them just to stay alive another day to fight for his scraps. The only thing more oppressed than these unfortunate souls (regardless of whether they live in the aforementioned way or not) are…]

3. LGBTQ Black and Non-White Hispanic Men [Having the most visibly different colored skin than the majority as well as having (so the popular conception would have you believe) had the worst time ancestrally speaking AND having a sexuality of sorts that could make you subject to discrimination on top of that? You’re pretty much blameless when it comes to everything, unless you happen to be on the receiving end of…]

2. Straight Black and Non-White Hispanic Women [Yes, the phallus-less status triumphs once more, even in the face of all the oppression and alienation of being a paraphilic “person of color” (quite distinct from a “colored person”, we assure you). Since Black women, for instance, have been seen as the very bottom of the barrel for the majority of Western civilization, what could possibly be more oppressed than…but of course…]

1. LGBTQ+ Black and Non-White Hispanic Women [The zenith of the scale, the top of the pyramid; you don’t get more oppressed—and, consequently, entitled (or, shall we say, “worthy of consideration”)–than this.]

One can often augment their status regardless of score if they happen to be a member of some religion other than that of the traditionally Christian (and therefore inherently evil) American norm.
Thus is the new means of gauging just who is more important than someone else. If you doubt it, you have but to do your own unbiased research: for instance, not long ago, a professional football coach of Asian descent, Eugene Chung, was denied any sort of racial discrimination case by the NFL in his allegations that he had been the victim of such on account of the fact that he was “not the right kind of minority”. Proving there really is a means by which the left prioritizes based on the color of their skin.
Its very much worth noting that, in spite of all their claims to the contrary, leftist activists and Democrats seldom if ever mention the Native American. They may “namedrop” them on occasion, since, when it comes to oppression points, there exists a gold mine–reminiscent of the very gold deposits that the American government once ravened after on Native lands—of oppression points, and that gold mine is the Native American, and no one who sees themselves as “progressive” would ever deny that, nor take for granted the edge having the Native vote on their side would give them…
And yet, American Indians are conspicuously absent from any kind of mention from the VERY vocal and “concerned” left, unless they chance upon them or need them for something, at the end of which they are quickly dropped and no one mentions them anymore.
Why is that?
The answer has much to do with a phenomenon which is a driving force for much of the left’s narrative that has been named “intersectionality” among those who do not subscribe to it.
Intersectionality posits not only a belief in a hierarchy of oppression, but in an interrelated-ness of everyone and everything with even an ounce of clout on the scale.
An example of this reasoning might go a little something like this: rednecks are racists, dislike or outright hate homosexuals and anyone who isn’t straight, and the same goes for anyone who isn’t Christian; therefore anyone who opposes or even disagrees with anyone on the oppression scale is behaving like a redneck or other similarly stereotyped closed-minded individual, and is therefore an enemy of all non-Christian religions, non-straight sexual orientations, and of course, races other than white people.
Of course, not every “redneck” fits such a description, and disagreeing with one or more of the leftists expect does not a redneck make, but that’s beside the point, which is that, like everything on the left, this kind of “thought” is driven by emotion, which is never driven by critical or even wise thinking, all while those at the top of the leftist pyramid have a more rational approach with which they minister to their beckoning drones beneath…
But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
The question is, is everyone on board with this train of thought? Does the (almost entirely white) left ever bother to collect data on, observe, or—dare we even think—TALK to those they say they care about so much, to see what they really think about this intersectionality-inspired worldview?
It seems they either don’t or if they do, they work overtime to keep the truth a secret (we’re betting on the latter), because otherwise, it would be so painfully obvious that non-whites tend to have a very different sort of input than the average white leftist claims.
For instance, its a fact that, on the whole, the nationwide African American community is far more “homophobic”, person-for-person, than any one group of white people in the country. While “homophobia” may not quite say it, the same is ultimately true for Asian Americans, who are generally pressured by their family and peers to marry and have children.
This is because both of these cultures are traditional. You know…”conservative”, in their outlook?
What, then, do white liberals who believe in intersectionality, as well as those who tentatively accept various aspects of putative liberalism (such as third wave feminism, which posits that there is no real difference between the sexes) as the norm, truly think of their supposedly beloved “minorities”?
Those who are aware and haven’t their heads so far up a certain universally shared orifice no doubt say nothing all for the sake of politeness or, more accurately “political correctness”, but the feeling is still there.
And what is this feeling?
To truly see, we have but to visit the Indian village of the past once more. Only this time, we’ll take with us the so called “liberals” of today.
What do you think think THEY would see, when they look upon that settlement where people do and trade as they please, with men and women in separate roles in the community, with distinction between genders at all, with even a concept of gender! With people respecting their parents and elderly and looking to them for guidance? With people caring more about what is on the inside of a person than what is on the outside?
Traits that modern Native Americans have largely not departed from?
We know what they would see. The same thing those ever so enlightened and “civilized” Europeans who came here so many hundred years ago saw, the very thing modern day leftists now think they are so far from seeing:
People without advanced thought, barbaric and unsophisticated, “prejudiced”, “sexist”, “anachronistic” people with no place in the “civilized” world.
That is why Native Americans, above all others, are quickly discarded once their reluctant use has been fulfilled by the Democrats and all like them. It is they, the “forgotten demographic”, who, because of their inherently and devotedly conservative natures, who hold the key to the downfall of such ideologies.
To be sure, there are more than a few leftist-inclined Natives out there today, but only insomuch as it does not conflict with their inevitably conservative tendencies. Tendencies which lead them to love and honor family in a world where suing one’s parents is applauded, to love and celebrate their bodies and the roles their cultures have bestowed upon them in a world that believes gender roles are evil, and to lay claim to the ancestral holdings of their people through honest and equitable means which largely escaped the founders this country in a world that is continuously pushing toward the abolition of private property.
And there you have it; the ever so compassionate, inclusive, but above all else, educated attitude of modern white liberals, is just the new form of white superiority. The aristocratic system par excellence, one that simultaneously oppresses any white person not on the “inside” (and they are not few) while subconsciously telling everyone who isn’t white what they expect them to be.
Indeed, one of the premiere movie studios in America has recently announced plans for a movie (we won’t say which one) that centers around a young Native woman before the twentieth century who seeks to break with the traditions of her people to be a warrior like a man instead of a keeper of the home.
Yes, it would seem there is truly no limit to colonialism in one form or another in this “new world” which just gets newer and newer, but always with an ever so familiar and rotten smell.
But options to the contrary are not scarce.
I, myself, am not Native. But in the past couple of years, through meeting and becoming friends with Natives, I ended up overcoming the American school system programming of a “lost people”, and sought to research for myself actual Native American culture and, more importantly, actual Native Americans. The experience was beyond eye-opening, and I, like I suspect any non-Native who truly looks upon more than what Hollywood would have them, went through a number of drastic philosophical and even emotional changes.
But do you know what impresses me most about the Native American people as a whole, regardless of tribal affiliation? It isn’t their traditional inclinations and cultures which stand intrinsically in opposition to modern liberalism (any conservative, anyone with common sense, really, has that). No, it is your strength. Your tenacity. Of body and character.
In my short time of having really been around Native Americans combined with my longer time of studying various first American cultures and people, I have found that even the most prejudiced Native still judges an individual based on their character and not on who their fathers were. Of all groups, I’ve found Natives to the least likely to accept or desire assistance or status of any kind other than what is their due, being the lands their fore fathers and mothers worked to preserve for so long, lands which any white, black, brown or yellow person would abandon at the first sign of disaster, but they would remain upon, if only to die honorably in the place of their ancestors. Of all groups, none know the benefits of true freedom and peace of both body and mind on one’s own land without the intervention of some appointed gun factory to keep them in line.
And you’re not bad basketball players, either.
Surely that is the essence of the American spirit, the spirit that, paradoxically, was signed into law by the people who admittedly took the lands of the first peoples.
For was it any accident that freedom-hungry Europeans came to this continent out of all others in search of a different sort of life, or that so much of the modern US constitution is inspired by the articles of the Iroquois confederation, authored by people more than in line with what the white founders of the USA would come to believe, as evidenced by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine, both of whom saw sophisticated peoples to be emulated, rather than savages to shun? Or was it something more?
As the immortal Russel Means said:

“The constitution is Indian law, that’s why I love it”

It follows, then, that those who wage war against the constitution, actually wage war against Native American culture, ironically.
Here in the Native Conservative movement, we believe in overcoming age old prejudice and ignorance with hope and understanding. We are a coalition composed mainly of Natives, but also of non-Native Americans who believe conservative politics are the only way to move forward with grace and dignity for all Americans.
And who better to lead this charge than the original inhabitants and true guardians of both the American land and spirit?
To paraphrase a follower of Black Elk in the early twentieth century:

“We must save the planet, and to do that, we must also save the white man…from himself.”

At the time, he spoke about the misuse of natural resources, but now an uglier manifestation of colonial arrogance has reared its head in the forms of intersectionality, of people being forced into arbitrary categories like the racism of old under the guise of tolerance, and of others being forced to accept these things lest they be labeled a bigot.
All these things, together with the myriad movements of new types of “sexuality”, among other things, are nothing if not self destructive, and the demand for anyone to accept anything they don’t want to is unconstitutional.
Unhealthy. Unconstitutional. Un-American. Un-NATIVE-American.
We must all band together to face these old insidious threats in new wrapping, to finally end the assault on America and on Native America, to at last save the white man from himself, for verily none accept the above mentioned insanities lest they are white or have been taken by white-backed (which is to say, high-end white people, generally of a Democratic persuasion) propaganda.
Natives must discover or re-discover their heritages in ways they never thought possible, non-Natives must look to them for guidance, that we might call their elders Grandfather and Grandmother as we would call our own family members the same.
Join us now, and may we all reach a day in this country where the words “Mitacuye oyasin” are as beloved and understood as the pledge of allegiance.

–Dark Rabbit

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