Wounded Knees Out of Scraped Elbows: Leftist Political Bias in Native News Sources

By: Dark Rabbit

There are many news outlets which cater to the minds of Indigenous American peoples: Native News Online, Indian Country Today, The Lakota Times, the list goes on.
They share many things in common with other news organizations like CNN, MSNBC, and others worldwide, like the fact that they each have their own websites, facebook pages, and the like, as well that they report on a variety of topics.
And, lest we forget, their articles, interviews and pieces all seem to promote a leftist way of thinking.
True, whether because of some lingering sense of “journalistic integrity”, or perhaps that some lower-tier, rookie reporters simply don’t know what they’re supposed to talk about, stories supportive of conservative philosophy or figures do end up showing up in their stories (as well as those of their more “mainstream” counterparts), but the instances are few and far between, and they never receive any real attention.
Furthermore, it often seems that these native news organizations go out of their way to nitpick about the habits of conservative figures, creating Wounded Knees out of flat tires, and deadpanning or ignoring any time a conservative figure does something good for Indigenous peoples.
Why is this?
Much of it has to do with reasons we mention in our article which you can read here: https://thenativeconservative.com/why-do-natives-vote-democrat/ In the article, we discuss the power of perception, of image, when it comes to Democrats; how something only needs to look and sound good to be embraced by many, even if it has blatantly and egregiously harmed you in the past.
Since the sixties, the Democrat party has attempted to present themselves as the party of “minorities”; of compassion, tolerance, of social progress, as distinguished from the United States’ early dealings with anyone who isn’t white.
For the most part, its worked. In fact, its worked so well that to this day, hardly anyone under the age of fifty will question their allegiance–no matter how minimal–to the Democrat party, especially when paired alongside evil, nasty, racist conservatives, because “everyone knows” that’s exactly what conservatives and Republicans are.
Furthermore, in recent years, the liberal/Democrat establishment has fashioned itself as the “green” party, or the party that is concerned about the environment, with championing the allocation of funds toward causes and investments in technology they say will be good for the planet and or stop climate change dead in its tracks.
When you consider both platforms like these, and the simple fact that people tend to cling to what they know (and what they “know”, in this case, is that every Republican or conservative who ever lived is evil), its really no wonder why so many Natives believe the Democratic party, by default, speaks for them.
This, perhaps, could explain why so many indigenous news outlets unquestionably side with the left and go out of their way to do so. We are, after all, a tribal people who value family, societal cohesion, and fight for the preservation of our traditional culture and values (almost like…conservatives…) so we’re really inclined to just go with the flow of what everyone else is doing. To do otherwise would create unnecessary tension among cultures just striving to exist in the first place already.
But the Democrat party is NOT the “party of minorities”, or of “tolerance”, and certainly not of “progress”. The Democrat party has always been one of racist aristocrats trying to push antiquated “values” on the American population.
Things like Racial Superiority.
They are the party that both fought for their right to own black slaves simply by virtue of the fact they were black, as well as having members afterward who formed the Ku Klux Klan, which received massive support from their politicians right up until seventies. The Democrat party also, over the course of several decades, worked overtime to facilitate the removal of South Eastern Native Americans who wanted nothing other than to exist alongside their white neighbors in peace, and likely would have requested citizenship on their own, the way many had embraced schools, Christian missions, livestock, and other trappings of the colonial world on their own, but old Andrew Jackson (the first Democrat President) just wouldn’t have those “savages” lose themselves to the corrupting influences of the white man, and was willing to cause the deaths of thousands of them to insure that did not happen, which would set the tone for their dealings with “minorities” (one if only as “minor” as they allow themselves to be) all the way up to today, where colleges in majority Democrat cities may have special curriculums where students “of color” (so much different than saying “colored people”…) can attend classes free of white people, lest they be traumatized by the mere interaction with the descendants of people who may or may not have oppressed their ancestors.
Its called Segregation, and Democrats know there’s ways other than bed sheets to achieve it. This also explains the Democrat party’s fascination and obsession with race.
At every turn, they have consistently stood against Indigenous American rights, from putting Natives on reservations and forcing them to stay there, to being fickle with what rights they were allowed to have while living there.
As we often stress, all American government has some history of shady or shameful dealings with the First Americans. However, more often than not, assistance to and enabling of the Indigenous spirit comes almost invariably from the Republican side of things, and has for a very long time.
From Davy Crockett’s vicious opposition to Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears legislation, to the “every Indian a citizen” of Calvin Coolidge, to the likes of Richard Nixon who loved and cherished Native people and culture, and our current president Donald Trump, the only president to, at long last, address the issue of murdered and missing Indigenous women, while continuously ruling and legislating against policies that weaken and damage Native people’s sovereignty and creating new laws which protect and strengthen the same.
All this the Democrat party hates, and will not report on, because their continual negligence toward Native citizens would be shown up by such things, drawing the spotlight on their true, abysmal moral core.
As such, Native news outlets seldom do the same, since so many are convinced it is the Democrats who are on their side, not Republicans, and why such an outlet will either downplay any wind they catch of a Republican or conservative (especially Lord of all Evil, Donald Trump) doing something even remotely positive for Indigenous peoples (if they report on it at all), or will completely ignore a massive accomplishment in that area in favor of convoluted, circumstantial—even imagined—things like “they looked weird at us” or “they didn’t tip”, or the ever popular “that pipeline which violated no laws, broke no treaties, and will probably be good for everyone’s economy, including ours, might poison our water, might desecrate our dead somehow, and might even make meteors fall out of the sky and kill us all, so we should hate him”!
Of course, they never phrased it like that, but you get the idea.
But while we’re on the subject of nature, why don’t we talk a bit about Democrats and nature? They claim to be the “green” party, the one concerned about the environment. This appeals to Natives since the earth and her resources are very important to us, so much that they play a vital role in our culture and spirituality. It is just another reason why so many of us support the Democrat party and are more than willing to cup hands over our ears when someone tries to talk about the benefits of conservative politics (its interesting to note that “progress” is, in the Western psyche, often associated with industry and things which tear down and destroy nature, whereas when someone wants to protect it, they are being “conservative”…).
But guess what? Just as the Democrats and their leftist proxies aren’t the anti-racist, open minded people they pretend to be, they’re also not the nature-loving, eco-friendly people they want others to think they are.
Look at the things they endorse, the technology they want to replace the current means of accessing mother earth’s gifts, which, if controlled, are already quite “green” in the first place (excess of anything leads to misuse and destruction): the electric windmill, for instance; Democrats and others who fancy themselves ecologically savvy believe these windmills are cheaper, more efficient at producing energy, but above all, better for the environment…
However, the facts say differently. Whenever one of these windmills is put up, some farmer, neighbor, or just anyone who happens to be in the area can’t help but notice the scarcity or sickly nature of the surrounding plants. That’s because these windmills have been known to cause blight.
In addition, the windmills also kill birds who happen to be flying near them by the thousands, as well as scare away the ground-dwelling animals around the area, forcing them into new foraging or hunting grounds, creating problems for them and humans alike.
And how about that “climate change accord”? That thing that every “liberal” the world over freaked out over President Trump getting the US out of? In essence, it could be summed up as “give us tons of money, and we’ll keep the world from being destroyed”! What Native American looks to governments (let alone foreign ones) to solve any problem? Its tantamount to saying “give us your lands, and we’ll save your souls”! Do you really think any government anywhere would have taken that money and spent it on things they thought would help the environment…
…like plant-blighting, animal-killing windmills?
The party and its (public) ideologies are a bad joke. But they know how to publicize, and as long as they look good and sound good, people—Natives included—will continue to think they are the righteous, enlightened party they claim they are.
Meanwhile, the majority of Natives involved in politics are Democrats, and the ones who are not lean toward the left anyway. New articles from Indian Country, Indianz, Native News Online, and The Lakota Times end up serving the modern incarnation of the same divisive, government-dependent narrative that put Indigenous peoples on reservations in the first place.
Which brings us to another disturbing possibility…
We—or at least most of us—are familiar with the idea of crooked or ineffectual tribal leaders and officials…what if the ones most directly responsible for the articles, the ones at the very top of the organizations, the creators, editors and commissioners…are perfectly aware of this?
What if they purposely publish articles they know will induce natives to stay on reservations, depend on the government for their every need, and continue to hate and blame anyone who isn’t Native (whites in particular) for their suffering, confining any kind of political or social activism to the usual cardboard signs and demonstrations with the same tired, blasé slogans, never changing or affecting anything? Planned, predictable…profitable.
Angry Indians are better for business than happy, outgoing, productive, but above all, self-sufficient ones. That’s what Hollywood goes for, that’s the angle every TV show that bothers to make the novel mention of American Indigenous peoples plays, but more importantly, such a world where Native Americans are no longer angry would destroy everything the run-of-the-mill corrupt chief has striven so hard to remain intact: a world where all he or she has to do is say they speak and provide for a certain tribe, and take an obscene amount of the government aid or per caps as their portion as a “beloved leader”. See our article “Determinate Yourself: Blood Quantums and Other Dregs of Oppression” here: https://thenativeconservative.com/de-terminate-yourself-blood-quantums-and-other-dregs-of-oppression/
The Republican party, the “conservative” party, is not perfect, but neither is any institution created by human beings, and a Native America touting such ideals would not only be a happier one, but a natural one: plenty of indigenous people can recall times when their ancestors rendered aid to the budding United States governments and citizens, but never a time when they called on them for help. The platforms of these movements are far better representative of the collective ethos of First Peoples of this continent than any give us all your belongings, get back over there, do what I tell you, this is the new right and wrong now, embrace it or you’re evil, leftism.
Unfortunately, leftist Natives will continue to be the norm unless those of us who know the truth get out there and spread the word, bypassing the arbitrary, uninformed political bias of our time.
Please share this article with your friends, family, tribal members, and even total strangers of any and all backgrounds. For we are all related and struggling together for a better now and tomorrow, as my people say…
Mitakuye Oyasin

–Joseph Cody, The Native Conservative

Your Thoughts


  1. Scott Reeves

    Read your page with interest. It looks to me as if the Native “world” is a microcosm of the rest of the USA. If it sounds good or has a good sounding goal, then the people proposing it are good and real results are not relevant. Who cares about unintended consequences? Reminds me of Thomas Sowell.

    Good luck in your work – for all of us.

    And thank you.

  2. Chris

    Great read!

  3. Stephanie Brown

    President Trump can repeal President Jackson’s legislation. Will the people be open enough to respond quickly?

  4. Robin Adair

    Hau Jodie,

    Excellent article! I remember when ICT used to be good back when Russell Means was on the editorial board. Those days are gone. They went when Maven took over and they turned into a mainstream liberal apple publication. Now its almost indistinguishable from the NYT since it scraps its “news” mostly from AP, UP or Reuters.

    Native News and Indianz scraps a lot of stories from ICT and they’re also funded by Indian Gaming so avoid rocking the boat. Don’t know what’s up with LT except that they’ve bought into this whole Covid Hoax. The only publication I know of that has a voice that goes beyond the “liberal” left is LRI short for Last Real Indians.

    Sad but there is hope. We got to be good friends with a direct descendent of Chief Seattle who has been warning us againstBill Gates killer vaccine and like us knows that Covid is a scam. He also knows the game plan that if the NWO takes over it’ll be the end of sovereignty for all of us. No more hunting or fishing and “living” on a vegan “diet” along with soft kill vaccines and 5G.

    Anyway the good news is that Trump has selected a Supreme Court justice who respects Indian sovereignty and now Ivanka is hot on the trail of the murderers and kidnappers responsible for Missing or Murdered Indigenous Women and Children something Obama and Clinton never bothered to do. Also Trump did prison reform that released many “people of color” who were trapped in long prison terms for non-violent offenses. Legislation that Obama never bothered to do who by the way was just another Wasichi president who liked to pretend he was black when it was convenient and actually screwed up the Middle East worse than Bush. It would be an understatement to say our first “black” president was a disappointment. I mean aside from being as it turns out a seditious traitor.

    There’s so much more I could write but I’ll leave that to you Jody. Just keep writing the truth.

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  9. Glass

    Interesting point of view. Wondering what you think of its implication on society as a whole though? People obviously get frustrated when it begins to affect them locally. I will be back soon and follow up with a response.

  10. kklisures123

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